Charges withdrawn against accused cops

Tonight two police brothers who had been placed on interdiction are very well likely to be reinstated after serious gun charges were withdrawn from them today in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court.  They are brothers, 28-year-old Kenrick Steven Gamboa and 24-year-old Akeem Rashaad Gamboa . The brothers were charged jointly with grievous harm upon 20 year old Michael Crawford.  On January 28th of last year, Crawford reported to police that he was attacked by three men, the two brothers and a third man who was never arrested and charged.

He said the attack stemmed from jealousy over a girl he was dating and whom he was engaged to marry.   The girl at the time was the ex-girlfriend of 24-year-old police constable Akeem Gamboa.  According to the victim, Gamboa’s older brother had pursued him and pulled out his firearm and shot at him, but missed. In court today, Crawford said he doesn’t want court action anymore and only wants peace with the police officers. The charges were then dropped against the cops who were free to leave.

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