One of the top stories that made the news earlier this week had to do with a 13 year old minor who was shot by Police officers over the weekend for pointing a gun at the officers. In an Interview with Chanel 7 earlier this week, a parent of the 13 year old minor insisted that the gun was planted on his son by police officers as a cover up for shooting the minor. Yesterday, Deputy Commissioner Chester Williams was asked to respond to those allegations.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: The police responded, they saw the young man; he was approached and was ordered by the police to stop, he tried to elude the police. He took out a gun, pointed it at the police, and the police fired shots. From what we know, there is no evidence to suggest that the police officers planted any gun on that young man. If a matter of fact, after he was shot, or even during the time he was shot, his grandmother was there, and she was the first on the scene and she saw the gun, and when she went there to where he was and saw the gun, she asked him what was he doing with that. So for anyone to make any allegation without any basis to suggest that the police officer had planted that gun on the young man, I say is totally wrong and should not be tolerated.

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