Chief Executive Officer addresses MOE’s latest news

Yesterday during our interview with Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Education David Leacock, we queried him on ongoing issues within the Ministry. A few years ago the Ministry started a program to review funding being given to schools, aiming to level the playing field and reward schools who took to reform. The CEO said they are now reviewing those efforts:

David Leacock, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Education: We implemented that since 2010 I think, 2010 2011, and at this point we are accessing where we are with that with a view to making any adjustments that may be necessary.vlcsnap-2016-05-24-10h31m20s020

The Ministry also continues its efforts to build classrooms:

David Leacock, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Education: The project has commenced. We’ve had project engineers and all of that. We are now in the process of identifying the land for the construction of these schools. So that’s where we are, no construction has yet begun. We have to first get the land, get title, and then we proceed from there. That project will build I think 22 pre schools, 5 primary schools and 8 secondary schools across the country. In the meanwhile we continue through the social investment fund to expand and refurbish other schools, and then we also have assistance from other donors to help us construct schools. In the North for example, the European Union is assisting us with the building of three pre schools in Corozal and Orange Walk Districts. We have the assistance from the Japanese Government as well. I think as recently as last week, a new classroom building was inaugurated at Carmalito Government School. This was financed through the Japanese Grass Roots Social Development Fund. And they’re looking to finance other projects in Belize. And then there’s the US Military Liaison office which also helps us in expanding and refurbishing schools. I think they’ve done some work at Kux;in Ha Government school and there are other areas that they’re looking at currently as well.

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