Chikinguya in Belize Confirmed and Reconfirmed

Plus TV broke the story in late October that preliminary Chikungunya tests taken by at least two residents of Las Flores Area Belmopan turned out positive, making it the first reported case of Chikungunya in Belize.
Almost a week after we broke the first reported case, the Ministry of Health issued a press release confirming those reports.
The press release issued on October 1st said that The Central Medical Laboratory confirmed three positive lgM antibody tests for the disease, from a total of four samples that were collected earlier that week, as a consequence of an investigation of a suspected case of Chikungunya from the Las Flores community.
Three positive lgM samples along with another sample were sent to Trinidad for further testing and confirmation by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Laboratory.
Today the Ministry of Health issued another press release saying that the Ministry has sincre received confirmation of a positive laboratory result for Chikungungya from CARPHA, making it the first confirmed case of Chikungunya in Belize.
The Ministry of Health now awaits the results of the other three samples sent to the regional reference laboratory in Trinidad and Tobago.
The press release says the Ministry continues to collaborate with the municipality and the local community, to conduct clean up campaigns.

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