Child Knocked Down on the Southern Highway

A four year old boy was knocked down and killed by an incoming truck on the Southern Highway, as he attempted to cross the road.

Harry Arzu has more in this report.

Harry Arzu – Dangriga Correspondent

“A four year old boy was fatally knocked down on the Southern Highway, while he was attempting to cross the road.  The incident occurred at about 3:45 p.m., on Saturday December 13, near the junction of Sitee River Village.

vlcsnap-2014-12-16-05h58m45s5Police here say that they visited the Southern Regional Hospital on the said day, at about 4:15 p.m., where they saw the lifeless body of four years old Kiwan Awado, with a large cut wound to the right side of his head. 

Initial Police investigation reveiled that 35 years old Carla Awado, a domestic of Sitee River Village, along with her two children, had just gotten off a James Bus at the junction of the village, heading home, when suddenly her four years old son ran across the road, to get on the other side.  In his attempt, four years old Kiwan Awado was fatally hit by an oncoming cargo truck, that was travelling towards Dangriga.

As a result, Kiwan Awado recieved head and body injuries, and shortly after he died.

The driver of the truck, 23 years old Ronal Heron, was later detained, and was served with a notce of intended procecution, while Police investigate.”


The family suffers a double tragedy, as the boy his mother were returning from Belize City, where they attended the funeral of a family relative.

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