Child lights curtain ablaze, house burns

There was another fire; this time in Hattieville. On Tuesday morning, July 8 at about 8:55a.m., the house at # 174 Ysaguirre Boulevard, Hattieville was engulfed in flames. The residence was that of 54-year-old Belizean Eloise Hyde. According to Hyde, that morning she sent her two grandsons downstairs in the wooden lower flat  to watch television. She further stated that about 8:50 a.m., she smelled smoke and saw that it was coming from the downstairs. Shortly afterwards her grandson came up and told her the house was on fire.  Initial investigation revealed that her 8-year-old grandson was playing with a lighter and lit a curtain which then caught fire and set the entire building ablaze. The fire was extinguished by Fire Department personnel. At the time of the fire, there were about 15 persons occupying the building and its contents is valued at approximately $50,000.  

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