Child Molester Closely Monitored by Police

On Tuesday we told you about an explosive allegation against a US National living in Police Street Extension in Lake Independence, Belize City, who, according to several online sources, happens to be a registered sex offender in the US. The police were called to the location on Saturday when a neighbor saw a young boy acting strangely around the house. The neighbour inquired what was wrong and the boy allegedly told him that he had been forced to have oral sex in exchange for two packs of noodles. The man was detained but released a few hours later because the mother refused to press charges. That was before it was known that the man was a registered sex offender for the offense of quote, ” Oral copulation with a minor under 14 years of age or by force of fear.” So how is Police proceeding with this investigation? For one,  authorities say they are monitoring the individual closely and have blocked all exit points to keep him from leaving the country.

Sr. Sup. Chester Williams, Eastern South Division: The police work on information and if information does not come into the police that the police can use to effectively investigate the matter then the police hands are tied. Now, like you rightly said, the allegation if it is true, vlcsnap-2015-09-24-17h55m08s52is a very very serious one, and I will tell you that the police will not sit idly by and see that being swept under the rug, that will not happen if the allegations are true. Hence the reason why there must be an investigative process. I have directed my investigators, along with the person in charge with domestic violence unit. They have now teamed up with human development officers in the area canvassing to see if we could find any children or child who may have been victim of this alleged child molester. We have interviewed one person, one child per say. That child has given us certain information which again we are still probing into that allegation to ensure that there is credibility to the allegation, one, because at the end of the day due to the nature of the offense we want to ensure that when we move that we have sufficient to be able to arrest and charge somebody. So the investigation is still in infantry stage and as soon as we are through or we have obtained the level of evidence that we think we need to be able to effect an arrest, then we’ll inform the media as to the progress of that investigation.

According to Sr. Superintendent Chester Williams, if it is confirmed that the child was indeed molested, then the authorities say they will bring in social services to take the matter to the court as the complainant in this case.

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