Child was not sexually assaulted according to medical report

Police had received reports last week from a mother of a five year old child that the child had complained of being sodomized in a bathroom at a Belmopan primary school.

The matter was being investigated by police and teachers, but police had told the media that while investigations were ongoing, they were having difficulty with the child’s account of events.

The mother and other concerned parents had become frustrated with the legal process, calling the media to vent their concerns.

On Friday, police have informed PlusNews that, according to the medical examination results which were released today, the child was not sexually molested. We have not seen those results for ourselves but we understand that it was due to some apparent physical signs on the child that the mother had made the report to police in the first place.

When we spoke to the mother late Friday evening, she says that she is still convinced her child is telling the truth, and that he was sexually assaulted. She says she cannot explain how the medical report would say otherwise.

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