Children learn about water conservation

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-14h29m05s48The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage and Belize Environmental Law and Policy Office (BELPO) are teaming up for community education on natural resources. Following on from visits to schools during the school year, the organizations today began a three-day summer camp in Belize City to teach the importance of water conservation and protecting rivers and watersheds, as well the importance of protected areas and the dangers of oil exploration offshore and in protected areas. Day 1 was today and PLUS News stopped in. Here is facilitator Amelita Knowles of BELPO with more details.

Amelita Knowles – BELPO:

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-14h25m41s236For the Summer we got in touch with the Belize Coalition and asked them if they’d like to join with us to do this Summer camp.  They have agreed because they were promoting safe and clean water.  We know that it starts from the children, to teach them so they could remind their parents about conserving water.  We learned back in school that water was a renewable natural resource.  Today, we have to learn that it is a finite resource.  We teaching the kids about water today, and the importance of saving water.  So we go through water-saving tips.  We go through the water-cycle as well, tom show them how we get water, and that can change.

The camp, offered for free, concludes on Friday. Amelita Knowles details upcoming activities and tells us the key lesson the 28 campers should take away from this experience.

Amelita Knowles – BELPO:

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-14h30m32s111We have 28 kids today.  The camp goes through till Friday. Today we taught them only about water, tomorrow is the part with oil and protected areas.  On Friday we take them to Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. 

[We hope] that they’ll be more conscious about how they use water, and encourage one another to save water.



The organizations plan to continue their education campaign in the coming school year.

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