Children reportedly abducted in the Toledo district

The village of San Marcus, in the Toledo District was rocked in August of 2010, when a brother and sister pair vanished while out selling fruits. Three years have passed and the Rash family is still searching for answers. But tonight, another family plans to leave no stone unturned until their daughter and son returns home. 8 year old Fanny Romero and 7 year old Jairo Romero disappeared from their neighbor’s home in Cowpen Stann Creek this past Wednesday. They were outside playing when a woman reportedly abducted them. PlusNews spoke with their older sister Carina Romero via telephone.

Carina Romero: [Paraphrased]

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-09h15m07s1They left on Wednesday morning from the neighbors house and disappeared.  We didn’t see them again.  They were playing with the neighbor’s children.  A lady had found a blue shirt.  They talked to this lady.  They were holding hands with the lady.  Then afterwards they said she left with the children.

Her brother and sister, she says, were spotted in Silk Grass Village on Saturday, but that’s the last lead since then.

Carina Romero: [Paraphrased]

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-09h18m46s164They told us they went to Silk Grass.  We gave that information to the police.  On Saturday they were seen in Silk Grass.  They said the second day they left at 9 o’clock.  My sister was sick and she had an earring in her ear.  Afterwards they don’t know anything about them. They don’t find them.  They don’t know nothing about them.

Romero asks the public to keep an eye out for Fanny and Jairo Romero and if anyone has information on their whereabouts to contact the Police or their father at 624-4051.

Carina Romero: [Paraphrased]

We just want them to come back home.  If you see them, please call us or call the police.  We’re looking for them.  We don’t know where they are. 

She says the children were staying with their mother at the time they disappeared.


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