Children’s Advocacy Groups Strongly Condemns Violence Against Children. 

Last Week we reported 3 incidents where children were victims to crimes no child should ever have to suffer. After the news got out, UNICEF, NCFC and the Belize Family Life Association put out strong statements on all 3 incidents. The NCFC says, quote “The National Committee for Families and Children-NCFC and the Nation laments the unfortunate circumstances of the allegation of a 17 month child this is truly outrageous. Information reaching the NCFC Secretariat about the sexual abuse of this child is of grave concerns as it speaks to the unthinkable acts against Children and leaves a number of unanswered questions. The National Committee for Families and Children condemns all sexual explicit acts, especially of this atrocious nature, which continue to breakdown our societal structure and rob our children of their future. This incident highlights the need to ensure that our overall Child Protection System is Strengthen such as Police Investigation Branch and investigation units are well resourced and equipped.”

UNICEF says  “ Unicef is deeply saddened by recent news of violence and the tragic death of children due to violence. These children were betrayed by adults in the community. As adults, it is our duty to do everything in our power to protect children and encourage them to grow and be the best that they can be. For too many children in Belize in the last few months, this has not happened and children have been tragically hurt and some have lost their lives due to gun violence, physical abuse and sexual violence.” “Violence against children is unacceptable. We are grateful for all the parents, leaders, community actors, who work tirelessly everyday towards realization of a Belize deserving of our beautiful children.”

And the BFLA says, it is, quote, “outraged by the disturbing reports of the vicious rape of a 17 month old girl. While this should be a time to celebrate the critical roles the family and society play in the positive development, education and protection of our children, we are instead faced with the horrific realities that many of our children suffer at the hands of adults, the very people who on a daily basis they are taught to respect. The act of destroying the innocence of our children, especially through sexual violence, must not be tolerated. We must be angry enough to demand that the necessary actions be taken by those whose duty it is to do so.

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