Chinese Businesses Targeted Back to Back in Corozal

Badge 3 policeA Chinese store in Corozal was robbed at gun point on Wednesday night. The incident happened at Ban’s store on Santa Rita Road in Corozal Town.

According to the proprietor, at about 9:00 p.m. while opening the shutter s of his store in order for his brother in law to exit, two male persons wearing dark clothing and warm caps covering their faces came out from the side of his shop and walked  up towards him. One of the men had a firearm pointed at the shop keeper.  Present during this time was a customer, a minor who was robbed of $7.00 and his white bicycle.

The shop owner was ordered along with the customer and brother in law to enter the shop where the two male persons then pulled down the shutters and locked them inside ordering them not to move.  The other person then searched  the drawers and took out BZ$1,500.00 while the other culprit took 2 iphones. Police have detained two men both of San Antonio Village pending the outcome of the investigation.

But there was another robbery of similar manner just last night on the same Santa Rita Road in Corozal Town.  This store is also owned by Chinese nationals.

It is called China Store and according to the 42-year-old proprietor, last night at around 7:15 p.m., she was at the store when two males wearing hoods and black stocking masks entered the establishment.

One was armed with a shotgun and the other with a machete. They robbed the woman of $1200 in cash and $700.00 worth of smart phone cards before making good their escape.

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