Chopped child succumbs to injuries


One of the children attacked by a machete wielding madman has died as a result of the injuries he received during that attack which vlcsnap-2016-06-30-10h08m06s241occurred in Yo Creek village last Friday.  13 year old Danny Choc was battling for his life at the KHMH died on Tuesday afternoon. As we have reported, 35 year old Larry Banner allegedly went into the Chocs’ home and chopped the mother and three of her children. Danny Choc got the worst of the injuries, chopped in his head, exposing his skull and damaging his brain. He has been on life support ever since but eventually succumbed to his injuries. The Chocs’ home was not the only house Banner visited that fateful Friday afternoon, but the neighbors were also attacked where a husband and wife were also mercilessly hacked. Larry Banner was arraigned in court earlier this week on charges of attempted burglary and maim and now also face murder charges.

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