Chopping in Palmar Village

At about 1 AM yesterday, July 13th, police responded to a chopping incident in Palmar Village. Upon arrival, they were told that the victim of the incident had been transported to the Hospital with multiple chop wounds over his body. Police then visited the hospital where they saw 27 year old Irvin Cantun with chop wounds to the head, left elbow, mouth, and side. Investigations revealed that Cantun of Palmar Village was socializing with his friends and at about 1 AM he saw Alberto Canche also of Palmar Village. Cantun then proceeded to provoke Canche who carried on home, only to return with a machete which he used to inflict injuries upon Cantun. Irvin Cantun was transported to the KHMH in critical condition while police have arrested and charged 25 year old Alberto Canche for “Dangerous Harm and Use of Deadly means of Harm.”

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