Chopping incident appears to be result of jealous lover’s rage

Police are investigating a chopping incident in Corozal that appears to be as a result of a jealous lover’s rage. Police say that in the early hours of Sunday morning, the victim and her mother, walked into the police station, – the wounded woman bleeding from multiple chop wounds. The woman told police that around 2am that morning, she was at home when a man whom she had a relationship with, arrived at her house highly under the influence of alcohol. She added that he pulled her out of the house and they had an argument which resulted in her being attacked with a machete. The woman says she believes he did this, because on Saturday, he saw her in the company of a male friend, which caused him to become enraged. Police have the 32 year old suspect in custody. Meanwhile, the victim was taken to the Corozal Community Corozal and later transferred to the KHMH for treatment.

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