Christian Artist Nicole C. Mullen establishes Baby Girls Club in Belize

BabyGirls Club is an organization that seeks to build young leaders for Christ through the arts. The NGO provides a home away from home, where girls can get involved in singing, dancing, arts and crafts and learning new skills. But as we said, there’s also a spiritual element to BabyGirls Club – the Christian based ministry serves as a mentorship for the young and adolescent aged girls, and aims to guide them in becoming leaders and disciples for the Word. BabyGirls Club, managed by American Gospel Singer and song writer, Nicole C. Mullen, was birthed in the US, but has now been extended to Belize; where it will be co-managed by Karen Brockington. The first session of the club was held at the Destiny’s House on Tuesday, where we caught up with Nicole.
Nicole C Mullen – Singer, Song Writer:
vlcsnap-2013-04-11-19h27m20s99Baby Girls club is a club for girls between the ages of 5 to 18.  It’s about young girls.  It’s about us calling them up in the faith, and us training them and teaching them.  We use the arts.  We dance.  We sing.  We’ll be doing drumming.  We memorize scripture.  We do Bible study.  It’s our way of disciplining a younger generation of young ladies, to raise them into women of God.  We do it back in the States and we’re excited to be doing it here in Belize as well.

She further explained what she hopes the implementation of the club in Belize will offer to girls throughout the country.

Nicole C Mullen – Singer, Song Writer:
I would love to see young leaders grown here out of Belizeans.  We’re here to make disciples.  We’re here to help out with what’s already going on as well. vlcsnap-2013-04-11-19h26m59s160Baby Girls Club, the concept is nothing new.  It’s Biblical.  It’s the older women pouring into the younger women, and growing them up into women of God.  Out tool is the arts, but our message is Christ.  Our hope is to see a new generation of young Belizean women rise up and take the reigns, and then to see them actually train the next generation of women as they continue to come up.  We’ve seen it work. We know that God loves the young people.  He doesn’t look at them and say, oh because you’re young, you’ll have to wait until you’re older then I’ll use you. But on the contrary he tells us unless you become like children, we can’t even get into the Kingdom of God.  We like to call them up while they’re young, and then to teach them to be leaders, and them give them opportunities to lead as well.

After her first trip to here last year, Nicole says God laid on her heart to return and serve Belize through the BGC.

Nicole C Mullen – Singer, Song Writer:
The Lord has laid Belize on our hearts.  Something great is happening here in vlcsnap-2013-04-11-19h26m29s86Belize, and we want to be a part of what God is already doing.  We didn’t bring Christ here. Christ is already at work here.  So we’re coming to join Him and His people in what He’s already currently doing.  I travel all over the world.  In one given year we’ll be in Europe and in Africa and throughout the States, all over the globe.  When we came here for the first time last year to Belize, there was definitely something special.  It’s as of God had his finger on this country, and He is doing great things.  We felt God leading us here, not just to start Baby Girls Club, but really to love on His people, and to be loved by His people.  We  believe that Belizean have something to give, not just something to receive.

Here’s how you can get your child involved with the club in Belmopan.

Nicole C Mullen – Singer, Song Writer:
vlcsnap-2013-04-11-19h26m42s251They can contact Karen Brockington.  She’s on Facebook.  She’s putting together a Baby Girls Club Belize page.  They can look that up.  In the meantime they can come to the baby Girls Club if they’re 13 and up.  We meet on Mondays at Destiny House, YWAM in Belmopan.  If they’re between the ages of 5 to 12, they come on Tuesdays to the same place, Destiny House.  If they’re between the ages of 5 and 18, they all come together on Saturdays, between the times of 2 and 4 o’clock, there.

Again, girls between the ages of five to eighteen are welcomed to join the BabyGirls Club. The BGC has been in existence for the past nineteen years.

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