Christian group objects to Belikin video ad

Some television viewers are calling for the removal of what they describe as a highly sexual and exploitive video commercial aired on prime time TV. Belize Brewing Co. Limited’s Belikin Beer, this month released a promotional video for its 2014 Belikin Beer Calendar Launch. The video has obtained airing time during the commercial segment of some of the major local nightly news and television shows. But the video has garnered backlash for its provocative imagery of young women. Leading the lobbying effort is the United Christian Women’s Alliance Belize. We caught up with one of the founding members of WALL, Shalwa Leslie.

vlcsnap-2013-10-25-08h50m14s217Mrs. Shalwa Leslie- Founding Member of  WALL

“We are very concerned about the factor of our women being exploited in this recent commercial by Belikin.   Whilst other sentiments could be that this type of modeling is beautiful and perhaps first class, in Belize, we promote godly family values.   We do not agree in exposing our body in order to product for money”.

WALL is encouraging individuals and organizations who find the video inappropriate to render their views to the Belize Broadcasting Authority.

Mrs. Shalwa Leslie:  “These women are beautiful; they are God’s creation; they are extremely beautiful, but there is no need to do such exploiting acts as this.  Our country is presently lacking good leadership to teach by actions.   So, while Belize encourages you the nation of Belize to pin your comments, to BBA,  as we have done so”.

A stream of messages have already been sent to the BBA, with many parents taking into account that their underage children are being exposed to the sexually provoking video, as it airs during the news. PlusNews has obtained copies of the emails sent to the broadcasting association. Here are what persons are saying: “This ad isn’t selling beer, it’s just a thinly veiled version of soft porn, on national TV.” “I have constantly monitored what my child views and I was offended as a woman to see this type of commercial during the News time – which I believe is a preferred time for families to tune in.” “It is essential that we demonstrate to our children the significance of self-value and self-respect. This commercial opposes those values and will only heighten children’s imagination and exploration of the sexual world.” and  “I have to say that I really find your new Ad offensive and degrading to woman.. It is very crude, lewd and right in the faces of our children who often are in the room as we watch the news in the evening.” Those emails were addressed to

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