Christian workers Union on Petrocarbe Loan Bill

The Petrocarbie Loans Bill 2015, was debated at the Senate Yesterday March 30th. After the debate all 12 senate members voted on the bill that gives the Government the Freedom to spend Petro Caribe monies as it deems fit. As was reported 6 voted yes and 5 voted no with one abstained voted from the Public Service Union. Today we sought a comment from the representative of the PSU Senator Ray Davis for an explanation on his decision to abstain his vote. However he told us over the phone that he is not ready to make any public comment on the matter. Late this evening, the Christian workers Union, in response, sent out a press release stating on the record their outright disapproval of the bill saying it lacks transparency and accountability for its attempt to validate and legalize outright illegal actions that go against the laws of Belize. The press release says that the Act was really designed to defeat the present case brought against it by the Opposition Challenging Government’s violation of the law. The press release ended by calling on other unions to denounce this act and to unite to demand the repeal of this law.

It also said that, quote,  “In the same vein, CWU place on the record that it distanfces itself from the decision of the Social Partners Senator Mr. Ray Davis, who represents the Unions, to abstain from the vote on this critical issues as it does not reflect the position of the CWU, endorsing a Senate vote against the PetroCaribe Loans Bill.”

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