Christmas cheer di come!

The Petrocaribe Loan Program has become a major part of the national consciousness in recent weeks, with the Government seeking to justify its spending and the Opposition slamming what it calls fiscal irresponsibility. But the Opposition representatives have had to dial back some of that rhetoric with the announcement that the PUP will accept the significantly smaller sums – through line Ministries – offered to them.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to do a little gloating.



“Does this, in your opinion, weaken their case strategically or in any substantial way legally?”


vlcsnap-2014-12-09-05h40m29s164Prime Minister Dean Barrow
“Well I think so. I am not quite sure what the applications are for before the court, but this thing in law that if you come to equity, you must come with clean hands. Mr. Espat, who seems to be the chief applicant, I don’t know how he will say to the court that he is coming with clean hands, if he ends up taking the money from PetroCaribe, so I suspect they will have their difficulties.

This is the same Mr. Espat who last year not only wanted the Christmas Cheer, despite our saying nobody will get cash, made an application to me for him to get cash, on the basis that he had already purchase some Christmas toys. So, transparency? Anyway, I won’t say anymore.”


The P.M. made sure to note that Hon. Espat’s request was not entertained.

Moving on to the recently announced mortgage loan program, P.M. Barrow responded to concerns about the application process and worries that the offer may run out with the end of the month.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I don’t know.  I’d have to check with Joe Weight.  Somebody, when I came in yesterday, from Love FM said to me [that] people are complaining about having to fill in the application form.  But, as I said, my goodness man, if you can’t even fill in one application form to get the benefit of the program, I don’t know what else to do.

I will make the point though that, this is not, like they compaired it with the CXEs, there you had to have submitted the applicatiion and be approved by a certain time, because fees had to be paid.   With the Mortgage Program, no man, remember we said to them ‘You pay the institution, and we will simply give you back the money.’ So if they don’t get in their application in December, and they want to get it in in January or February, we will simply, once it is authenticated that that’s how much you paid for your monthly repayment in December, you do have a loan, we will give you back the money.  So, there’s no urgency.”

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