Chunox fishermen charged for undersized conch

Four fishermen who are related and are from Chunox, were fined a total of almost $20,000 when they appeared today before Magistrate La Donna John and pled guilty to possession of undersized conch. They are 53 year old Leandro Rangel,  39 year old Isidro Pott38 year old Jaime Rangel and 39 year old Mike Lin Rangel. Leandro, who had 195 undersized conchs, was fined $5,375. Isidro, who had 265 undersized conchs, was fined $7,125. Mike Lin, who had 98 undersized conchs, was fined $2,950.  Jaime, who had 146 undersized conchs, was fined $4,150. They were given until November 15 to pay the fines. If they default on payment they will serve 1 year. They were busted on May 7  when a fisheries officer went to Northern fishermen Cooperative and inspected their catch and found the each conch weighed less than 2 and three quarter ounces.


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