Church Bus overturns on highway

]There was a traffic accident last night, Wednesday March 25, on the George Price highway, in the village of Camalote.  The accident involved a Church bus.  According to the driver, Pastor Aron Teck, a horse made its way across the highway and in attempting to avoid a collision with the animal, he swerved, and lost control, causing the bus to flip and land in the yard of Raymond Sheppard.   At the time, the bus was travelling from St. Mathew’s Baptist Church after their Wednesday night service, dropping parishioners home. There were about 10 persons on board, most of whom only received scratches and bruises. However, three people, including the pastor’s wife, Florence Teck, were hospitalised.  Mrs. Teck received severe back injuries and is said to be stable at the Western Regional Hospital. vlcsnap-2015-03-27-10h58m38s154

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