Church complaint against CITY and RECONDEV

La Iglesia Casa de Dios is a church in Belmopan which caters to Hispanic believers.   On Sundays the church seats hundreds of members and congregants, pastored by Mr Marcos Vargas, but tonight work has reached PlusTV that the Belmopan City Council and RECONDEV is giving a notice of eviction to the Church. The church must make a lump sum payment of 40,000.00 for the lease land that it currently sits on by next month or MUST get off the Land.  Members of the Church made PlusTV aware of the predicament facing the church and took us to see the investment they have slowly made on the land over the past 8 years. Indeed, the Church building is currently valued over half a Million dollars; proof that, not only is the church alive and viable, but they have every intention to use the property to the Glory of God.  And this is where they meet on a weekly basis, so why is the City and RECONDEV asking them to pay up or get off the land? Well it turns out that the Denomination in the USA that supported the church has stopped making payment to the land. What we find interesting is that the members are claiming that the City has rejected the offer by the local church to make Monthly payments for the land; they say as much as 1000.00 per month until the bill is paid. RECONDEV has even taken the Church to Court to demand that they pay the Lump sum of 40,000; even if the church has to sell the building to do so.

We tried to contact Pastor Marcos Vargas to get his comments but have not been able to do so. We will have more on this developing story for you Next week.

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