Church leaders disappointed in GOB’s response on S53 appeal

Several church leaders were in attendance at the press conference held by the Prime Minister today. After the Prime Minister made it clear that his Government has no intention of appealing the decision made on the constitutionality of the section 53 law, the church representatives gave their reaction to that news. We spoke with President of NEAB, Pastor Lancelot Lewis.

Pastor Lance Lewis, President of NEABvlcsnap-2016-08-18-14h39m30s164

We will go back to the lawyers and ask him if the Prime Minister was right we he said we can appeal or was he wrong, so the lawyer should know collectively more that the Prime Minister who is currently practicing law as we know it. I will go by the majority of lawyer’s opinion more than the Prime Minister. I will appeal since he said it, I’ll say to them, the Prime Minister say that we can appeal. I think we should and I think we will, we should do it in conjunction of all the Church bodies. It’s going to cost something, I don’t know yet, so we have to look at all the factors but I think we should do the appeal. It would be so funny for us not to do it when we were against what was done.

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