Church leaders speak out against Gay Pride Flag at US Embassy

The United States Embassy in Belize held a flag raising ceremony yesterday in honor of Pride Month. An LGBTQ Flag can now be seen flying below the U.S. flag on the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan. Pride month is not a celebration customary to Belize. However, the flag was raised in honor of the Gay right movements in Belize. The Church in Belize has been a long standing voice for family values across the nation. Many efforts have been made by national church leaders to protest the LGBTQ movement which they say is an attack on family values. Plus News Spoke to two prominent church leaders who shared their views on yesterday’s flag raising ceremony. Pastor Scott Stirm told us why he believes the LGBTQ agenda is a direct attack on family values.

Pastor Scott Stirm, Member of NEAB: Well for the last number of years, it’s something that the United States Embassy has been doing which is during gay pride month where they celebrate homosexuality all over the world, they would fly the LGBT flag from the embassy. We had hoped that with the change of presidency in the United States that that would stop but we don’t yet have an ambassador from the Trump administration in the country of Belize, so these are staff that are left over appointees from during the Obama time and presidency who are continuing to push those values. I just want to say a couple points on that. Number one, we find it very very sad. There is an attempt and an effort to redefine values of things that God has established as absolutes that people are trying to redefine that with counterfeit values. We find it very sad. I want to say also to all of the viewers that are watching this story, that people need to realize obviously there is a global agenda in pushing this homosexuality. It is something that Caleb Orozco years back denied but now here we are years into this. We can see clearly that it is in full force. This summer they’re launching a Rainbow Family which is a LGBT version of family, same sex couples. They’re launching that right in Belize and so as we have been warning and sounding the trumpet for the last 5 or 6 years, this is exactly what’s coming down the pipe and so here it is. My question to us in Belize is what will we do about it? Are we going to sit back and just allow these things to come in?

Pastor Lance Lewis, President of the NEAB, also shared his views.

Pastor Lance Lewis, President of NEAB: The situation is still alarming because we read in scriptures that it is not good for man to be alone and make help meat for him. That help meat came from his side and that was woman, and God said be fruitful and multiply. No where in scripture does it adore a gay lifestyle.  The bible is totally against it; if you go from cover to cover it does not support it. We as Christians are standing on solid ground when we say our country, our nation, our people, to turn in that direction will only bring an abomination on themselves and on the nation. For me this is sad because when a man becomes homosexual, he loses his pride. Though it is being celebrated as gay pride week,  he loses his pride. Recently I was at a suicide prevention workshop and it was sad to know that among gays, there is a higher suicide rate than about regular normal persons. This can be understood because a man is a man. When a man reaches that role of playing the role of a woman and acting and cohabiting with another man, he must have some pride in himself to say well this is not good.

According to complaints aired by US liberal media, the Trump Administration has largely ignored Pride Month much to the chagrin of the LGBTQ community. Plus News understands that a new Charge’ de Affairs from the Trump Administration will be appointed at the Belize U.S. Embassy mid-July.

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