Churches call for removal of Revised Gender Policy 2013

vlcsnap-2013-05-28-21h10m37s153The gender policy 2013 has caused a backlash of opposition because of its apparent redefinition of gender and its push for the inclusion of sexual orientation as a part of education policies. The Coalition of Churches, a group of 40 plus churches, issued a press release today saying, and we quote “In our love for God, for Belize, and for all Belizeans, we are saddened, shocked and outraged at the Revised Gender Policy 2013, the inclusion of “sexual orientation” and the homosexual agenda, and the secrecy of “selective consultation” surrounding a Policy affecting every Belizean.  We therefore highly recommend the complete removal of the Revised Gender Policy 2013, the amending and clear defining of “gender” (MALE & FEMALE) in a new policy, the removal of sexual orientation, and we call for a proper process of public, transparent consultation on ALL matters of important national interests.”

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