Churches considerations on Gender Policy submitted to Prime Minister

vlcsnap-2013-11-04-08h35m05s59vlcsnap-2013-11-05-07h03m00s102On Sunday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country for LA, where he is scheduled for back surgery. Mr Barrow will be on leave for a couple of days, but before he departed, the Council of Churches and the Evangelical Association submitted their collective recommendations for the much talked about Revised Gender Policy 2013, a 52 page document contracted by the Women’s Commission of Belize.






The Presidents from both church parties, Reverend Papouloute and Pastor Eugene Crawford visited the PM’s home on Saturday, where they dropped off the document. As we have reported earlier this year, the Church was not included in the consultation process, while the Policy was being drafted. And things grew tense when it was revealed that the document sought to redefine the term gender to include not only male and female, while inventing policies to provide for the transformation of gender in the education system and society. The Council of Churches and the Evangelical Association, in their revision of the Policy, sought technical support from several lawyers, sociologists, and counselors.

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