Churches satisfied with meeting with PM

Church Leaders left a meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Friday upbeat and optimistic.

The meeting was to discuss the Church’s recommendations for changes to the Gender Policy.

We spoke with Pastor Scott Stirm late Friday evening for his take on how the meeting went.


Pastor Scott Stirm

“We went into the meeting hopeful, and having preceded this with three nights of prayer all over the nation, calling the church into active prayer, specifically for this meeting. We honestly didn’t think that we would be able to finish everything in one day, and we amazingly finished it in four hours.

I think all of us came out of that meeting with a very strong feeling.  Part of the reason why it went so quickly so quickly is because of the Government’s acceptance of so many of the recommendations that we have made in the church. 

That was wonderful and we’re very grateful for the platform and for that connection.”   


The Council of Churches was represented by Rev. Papoulotte, Bishop Phillip Wright, Bishop’s Auxiliary Clancy, and the Evangelical Association  was represented by Pastor Eugene Crawford,  Pastor Scott Stirm, Pastor Howell Longsworth, and Pastor Victor Hernandez.

Pastor Scott Stirm says that while the church remains cautiously optimistic they ar waiting for it in black and white.


vlcsnap-2014-10-04-05h30m20s39Pastor Scott Stirm

“They will be giving a document to us, probably by the end of the month, with a rough draft of the new Gender Policy with the changes.

We’re very encouraged in the positive developments.  The majority of all of the recommendations that were made by the church are either being implemented or the wording was changed to facilitate whatever concerns were there in the church.”


Church representatives met with the Prime Minister, Hon. Godwin Hulse, Senator Joy Grant, and a representative from WIN.

The document, which was presented by the Church, was the work of several months of consultations between a group of church leaders and professionals,  and was headed by Maria Zabaneh.

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