Citco admits error at cemetery

The Belize City Council made a grave error – literally – this week. It buried someone in the wrong grave at the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery due to bad information, and then had to exhume the body in a late night operation witnessed by various personnel including family. The matter has been rectified but the Council is also denying leaving exhumed remains out in the sun until they could be properly re-buried. Today we spoke with the mother of the young man buried at the site who wants to know if the “bag of bones” shown on the television newscasts last night was her son.

Mother of diseased:
vlcsnap-2013-04-12-20h42m24s200I went to watch the Holy [Saturday] Cross Country Race, Saturday morning. Coming back I decided to stop at the burial ground, visit my son’s grave.  When I want to my son’s grave I saw it was broke up and tampered, and somebody else was in it.  
I went to the Belize City Council.  They told me that they made an error.   They told me they put the person in the wrong grave. The person should have been buried beside my son.  Wednesday night, they took me to the burial ground.  I went up to [the] burial ground, to let them remove the body from there, Wednesday night.  Watching the news Thursday evening, I saw that they have a bag of human remains, and I want to know if it is my son’s remains that is knocking around in the cemetery there.
I was there when the body was exhumed, but then I don”t know  if they were having the remains in a bag, hiding somewhere from me that I couldn’t see.

Beyond the current issue, the mother says it hurts on a far more personal level.

Mother of deseased:
Nobody’s remains should have been left out that kind of way in the sun for a whole day.
I will keep on checking, to do a follow up on it, because  my son [was] buried ten years ago there. They just open a fresh wound in me again, after dealing with my son’s thing over again, after ten years ago.  I don’t think that’s right, that I have to go through that situation again.

The Council says it is overhauling its policies on opening graves at the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery, which reached its limit for new graves in 2010.

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