Citco awaiting the return of one more equipment

As we reported on Tuesday, two of three unaccounted Belize City Council equipment were delivered back to the council that day. The third piece of equipment is reportedly in United Ville being repaired. An email out lining the details of the day the two equipment were delivered back to the Council has surfaced. The email was sent to Works Manager, Ramon Menjivar from the Internal Audit Department on August the 8th. According to the email, Mr. Manuel Malic, a self-employed individual who has his business about 2 miles up from Works compound, called Mr. Menjivar after 8’clock the Tuesday morning to say “the guys just drop off the equipment, come for it.” Upon visiting 4 1/2 mile compound, the equipment (trailer & Bulldozer) were located a couple feet in from the third gate. An inspection was done of the equipment to verify VIN number. Both items correspond to the VIN# Finance Department has on file. According to the email, the remaining equipment that is presently at United Ville is being looked into by Mr. Menjivar. As a result of these unfortunate happenings, Mayor Bernard Wagner made several recommendations. Those recommendations include Relooking at the vehicle care policy to include and strength areas where necessary, Relook at Vehicle Care Supervisor’s job description, and a recommendation that the Vehicle Care Supervisor should at any point in time know the status and location of all vehicles/equipment of the Council.

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