Is the Belmopan City Council strapped for cash to the extent that they are unable to pay their employees on time, twice in a row? This morning, Plus News received complaints from Belmopan City Council employees about not receiving their bi-weekly salary. According to the complainants, City Council employees, including traffic officers and sanitation workers, were to be paid on Friday June 15th, but that did not happen. The complainant further stated that employees were promised to be paid yesterday but they were still not paid.  We were informed that yesterday, Floyd Neal, General Secretary for the Christian workers Union, wrote to Mayor Belisle and the City Administrator on the issue. The letter stated in part, quote, “Through the Belmopan City Chief Union Representative, CWU sought a status report ahead of last week’s payday; however, the response provided did nothing to allay our fears of another instance of Members and Staff getting paid late (and possibly incurring penalty late charges on financial commitments)” end quote. The letter further stated, quote,“  Apart from the Council’s legal liabilities due to late payment of salaries and wages, it is altogether unconscionable that the Council has made no outreach to CWU when confronted with the likely repeat scenario of failing to meet payroll on time for a second consecutive payday”, end quote. The Christian Workers Union has reportedly not received a response from the Council and as result they are now asking for a meeting with their members on Friday. This morning we spoke to City Administrator, Ralston Frazer over the phone. He told us that all City Council employees were paid yesterday and that the comments made by the complainants are false. We will continue to follow this story.

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