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While Mayor Bradley wants to become area representative Bradley, he says he has not forgotten the more than 11,000 voters who supported him in the election race in March. He explains why he has not abandoned them and why he is not biting off more than he can chew.


vlcsnap-2015-03-31-12h05m39s88Darrell Bradley, Mayor – Belize City

“I think that that’s a fair question and I made this very clear in my speech that it’s about service. I want to be able to continue to serve this land in whatever office. I feel that I can make a contribution in higher office. I’ve served the people of this city for three years as their mayor. I think that we have done a good job, notwithstanding the fact that we haven’t been perfect. Going into the next term, we’ve been working very closely, for the last month we’ve been meeting with our councilors, we’ve been meeting with stake holders to unveil additional series of infrastructures. We have counselor Samuels who is right behind me. he can attest to the fact that we have been very aggressive to insure that we want to continue the good work that was done under the last three years.  We were talking about the commercial center project, working with NICH and BTB with relation to the down-town urban development project, doing some zoning in relations to community engagement. Dealing with a second wave of BTL park and getting the Comberbatch field in the Fabers road area of Belize City started within a short period of time and we aren’t doing something like the 100 day plan like we did before but in a short period, I will make a announcement in relation to what we think we can accomplish in relation to the city council within a reasonably short period of time. Nobody in this city has to feel that my loyalties, my dedication will be curtailed or diminished in any way. I will be effective as a mayor for the full time in which I serve in that office and people can see that in terms of demonstrations because there are works continuing in the city since the elections.”


As for the question of who may replace him at City Hall, even the Mayor admits his team of running mates are so star-studded that it would be difficult for him to choose.


Darrell Bradley

I think that is has been a great honor for me to look at the council slate. I have had the pleasure of working with the ten councilors, both in the first term and in this term, who really show a lot of promise. I believe like Deon Leslie who has held office as Deputy Mayor before when Mayor Moya was on maternity leave, I think for three months, He held the reigns  for three months. That shows a lot of promise. He’s very active in terms of community service, he is the head of the Cycling Association, so he shows a career business person, somebody whose  educated,  somebody that’s speaks well. Bernard Pitts likewise shows that  same kind of promise. He comes from a strong political family, he comes from an environment that  is very much into union activism.. He is an MIS person,  so again he has his education. He is very much well grounded in young people and sports. I look at Kevin Singh, I look at Dean Samuels likewise is current Mayor, was Deputy Mayor previously. I look at Alifah Elrington who is an attorney at law, who speaks very well, who is very aggressive. I look at a Doctor Alain Gonzalez, a medical doctor, someone with character and integrity, So I feel the field is very wide in terms of who will be a successor.” 

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