City councilor speaks on Javier Novelo termination

Yesterday, we told you about the non-renewal of a contract for senior worker at the Belmopan City Council, Javier Novelo, who worked for over 9 years at the Council’s Engineering Department and a year and a half as the head of that department. As reported, Novelo was informed of the decision not to renew his contract on vlcsnap-2015-04-10-10h23m29s79May 31st, the day his contract expired and was purportedly given until the end of the day to pack his things.
Since the council was sworn in to office last month, they have not had a full council meeting. Sources tell Plus news that the decision not to renew Novelo’s contract was made through a round robin call. We made attempts yesterday to get a comment from Mayor Khalid Belisle , but in vain. Today, we tried again via email and text message and it was just as fruitless. However, the only returning councilor, Councilor Anna Banner-Guy,  did speak to us  today.

Anna Banner Guy – Counilor, Belmopan City Councilvlcsnap-2015-04-13-09h34m18s251

“As the only returning councilor,  I have known former engineering manager, Mr. Novelo, and have had the privilage of working closely with him. He has supported some initiatives that I have carried through under my portfolio and I had a good working experience with him over at the Belmopan City Council. “

Emmanuel Pech –  PlusTV Journalist

“As for this decision, how did this decision came about to not renew his contract?”

Anna Banner Guy

Well I believe that with any decision that needs to be made by the city will continue to follow a procedure through the city council which is a voting procedure.  There are seven members in the council; 1 mayor and 6 councilors and obviously, most supported for his contract to be removed.  

Sources within the City Council confirmed that immediately following Javier Novelo’s dismissal former City Administrator Angela Wade’s husband, the brother- in -law of the Belmopan Area representative, assumed the newly vacated position as head of the Engineering Department. Up to news time, we had still not received a response to our email and text messages to the Belmopan City Council.

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