Claims Reporter Made off With Her Package

Wednesday March 4th was a busy day for all politicians, voters, election officials, and of course news reporters who worked from dawn until dusk to bring to you the latest updates from the polls. There are 9 municipalities so some local media stations had to join forces and split the labour between staff reporters and freelance reporters that they commissioned. Carolina Bonilla was one of those reporters commissioned by one of the local media stations and was stationed at the twin towns for the Municipal elections along with another free lance reporter. They split the labour and as a result she stayed in Santa Elena and the other reporter stayed in San Ignacio. According to Bonilla, after the election coverage on Wednesday, the company sent a payment package the next day- Thursday March 5th. Bonilla says that she couldn’t pick up her package last week and so went in to pick it up on Tuesday earlier this week. That is when she was informed that the person whom she was working with for the municipal elections had already picked up her package in her name.

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“It turns out that this young lady went to the place where she knew the packages would be  and she had already taken my package. She got it by means of deception. She took a letter with a forge signature, supposing my name signed there, claiming that I had authorised her  to take my package and she took it.


“This is what BPMS Told you?”


“Yes. So  now I feel very offended by the action that this young lady had done. So  I went to the police to make a report. I’m going to exercise my right and have the law on my side, because this is a criminal act that this young lady had done. I had tried contacting her but she does not answer my calls. The company that had my packages had tried contacting her, she has not answered their calls. That’s what pushed us to go to the police.”

According to Bonilla, the payment package only had a day’s worth of pay and was not much, nevertheless she was resolved to take the matter to the police. On that same day, she went in to the San Ignacio Police station to make an official report  and that’s when, according to her, she ran into another problem.


“The young man at BPMS and I went to the police station and made our official report against this young lady, claiming that we want back the package and everything- every content that is inside of it. The police refueses to go find her on that specific day, but claims that they will go and look for her today. So today when I went to find out if they had recuperated my package, the police told me that I am the one who is in the wrong and that the BPMS people are the ones who had the fault and the police will not be dealing with that matter. It is very sad, you know, because if they did not listen to me – I am a full grown adult who in my correct senses knowing my rights would go and seek for their help. Imagine how much less they would help our young people.”

We spoke to police today who say that have recorded her statement and “are” looking into the matter but up to the time of this newscast they had not located the person in question.

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