Clear the land Castro Clears Conventions

Belize Rural North UDP supporters from all 25 villages came out on Sunday May 31st to elect their UDP Standard Bearer through a closed party convention.The distinction between Edmundo Castro’s supporters, and Dwight Tillett’s supporters was very recognizable. Castro’s supporters wore red shirts with white markings and Dwight’s supporters wore white shirts with red markings. A total of two thousand one hundred and seventy people, out of five thousand eight hundred registered voters of BRN, came out to cast their votes. But before we get into the results of the ballots, we hear from the supporters on both sides of the race including Hon. Boots Martinez who showed up to lend his support to his cabinet colleague.

Castro Supporters  – Belize Rural North Votersvlcsnap-2015-06-02-12h12m41s99

“Crooked Tree we are proud of you.”

“We don’t want know puss in a bag, we know what Mr. Castro is doing for us.

We already win.

Tillet Supporter  – Belize Rural North Votersvlcsnap-2015-06-02-12h17m31s181

“I just want to say that Mr. Tillet is the best representative we ever got. If they don’t want that, I don’t know what Belize Rural North wants. “

“He is a man that has good intentions. If he wins, that means people want a change.”


Hon. Boots Martinez – Castro Supportervlcsnap-2015-06-02-12h05m10s177

“He is a good candidate . I just think that it is just not his time. Mr. Dwight is a good candidate… excellent candidate but I think that  Minister Castro, in my view, puts in a lot of work and I think he deserves the rural. At the end of the day, we are all UDP and by chance if it goes any other way, we habve no choice but to support.”

Tensions were on the rise midway into the convention as one side claimed some of his UDP supporters were being scratched off the list for no apparent reason.

Dwight Tillett ­ – BRN UDP Challenegervlcsnap-2015-06-02-12h36m23s224

“The day isn’t done yet and  I am not fazed by the people in red. A lot of them are wearing the shirt for money. It could be that they have mislead me, if that is the case and they are genuinely Castro, more power to him but I don’t get that sentiment. ”


” If he should defeat you, would you try to work with him in the upcoming general elections?”

Dwight Tillett

“We are in the throes of discussions about that right now because we have observed from long going on to this convention that we are not satisfied with him at all. People who have never voted for PUP are being cut of the list. ”

BRN UDP Voter – Tillet Campaign Committeevlcsnap-2015-06-02-12h36m49s246

“Can you see it, Thelma Sutherland, she is a registered voter and for some reason she cannot vote. They told her that she cannot vote and that her name is not on the roster.


“Is it the first time you are having these kinds of problems or no?”

 BRN UDP Voter

There are more people here whose names have been scratched off.”

At 6 pm, after the ballots were counted, it was revealed that out of the 2 thousand votes cast, 21 were rejected, while five hundred and thirty seven votes went to challenger Dwight Tillett and one thousand six hundred and twelve votes went to incumbent area representative Edmund Castro; a land slide victory for Clear the Land Castro. In his victory remarks, Castro thanked his supporters and made mocking remarks about his PUP opponent Major Lloyd Jones citing him as a “Major Disaster.”

vlcsnap-2015-06-02-12h43m58s185Edmond Castro– Standard bearer BRN

“Clear the land. I must say a heartfelt congratulations to the team. the committee that put this re-election together. I know that we, I did not say I, have the best committee the best team that can win any rural constituency we proved it again today  I love unnu. And as I always say…I know my people dey love me. As we journey on to defeat whatever major disaster that might come, we will continue to deliver the seat for the United Democratic Party here in this constituency.Let the work continue. the Journey back to Belmopan. We will roll through like Petro Caribe.”




Edmund Castro squares off against PUP Standard bearer for Belize Rural North Major Lloyd Jones in the next general elections.

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