Closing Ceremony for Belmopan Summer Camp Sports Program








The final segment of the Summer Camp Sports Program finally came to an end. On Friday, August 10 at the UB Gymnasium, the Camp hosted a closing ceremony, for the three remaining disciplines- chess, volleyball and basketball. The ceremony kicked off in the morning with a chess tournament while the evening was dedicated to showcasing the basketball and volleyball skills that the campers picked up during the two weeks of the program. The volleyball group went first with the kids displaying their newly acquired or refined skills.  Afterwards, the basketball facilitator took to the podium to address the basketball camp. This was followed by a stellar performance on the part of the basketball campers.

Bernie Par – Basketball Coach:

vlcsnap-2013-08-13-13h44m54s163Things went really well.  I want to thank the parents and the grandparents, aunts, uncles, who came out for support. They made things work.  The drill that we’re going to do right now is called Mass Defensive Stance Drill.  We put this in the first day of camp, and every day I  got an email through Facebook and so forth, from Penny Lopez back there, saying he loved this drill, let’s do it again. What do we emphasize?  It takes two things: energy and enthusiasm.  We told the campers, whatever you do in life, whatever your hobby is, you gotta have two things: energy and enthusiasm. 


After the showcasing, Mayor Simeon Lopez gave a short welcome address.

Simeon Lopez – Mayor of Belmopan:

vlcsnap-2013-08-13-13h59m54s222It is indeed very heartwarming to see the presentations here this evening, and I welcome you all parents, friends, relatives, and of course the participants in this Year’s Summer Sports Camp.  Our special thanks to the Area Representative the Honourable John Saldivar and the National Sports Council, and also the Belmopan City Council, who have teamed up to make this year’s Summer Sports Camp the success that it is.



This was immediately followed by the distribution of medals, which were handed out by Mayor Simeon Lopez and Councilor Anna Guy. In the Volleyball Category, special awards were handed out to the most improved player, which was given to Felix Lesley. The most outstanding players were Kareem Jenkins and Christian Castillo; and the best overall Player was Christian Castillo.

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