Coalition Tour Activates Debates over Petroleum across Belize

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The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage continues its work to promote a sober discussion of the future of the nation’s natural resources, particularly as it relates to petroleum.

 Mrs. Julie Wade- Education and Outreach Officer for the Coalition

“We are hoping that after this, more schools will be more inclined into doing research and more debating and also to take it up to a higher level next year, hopefully at the tertiary level”.

Reporter:  “An importance of actually knowing more about this topic in Belize, being that is one discussed several times in the news”.

Mrs. Julie Wade:  “Right.   It is a critical issue.   We hear it on the news every other week.   So, it’s a good way for people to actually start learning more about the old discussion on oil in Belize”.

Reporter:   “This is one region.  Discuss from where it goes from here in the schools participating in the other districts”.

Mrs. Julie Wade:  “Next week Monday, we’ll go to Dangriga, we do Stann Creek District and we have Ecumenical oil drill is digging a holeCollege versus Georgetown Technical College debating”.

Reporter:   “How many schools in total participating?”

Mrs. Julie Wade:  “We have approximately 9 schools; we have two that automatically dropped out, so automatically two were disadvantaged from those semifinals”.

According to Mrs. Wade, the students did their own research and preparation.

Mrs. Julie Wade:  “In terms of the entire process itself, the schools did both research in both affirmative and negative.  This morning they are doing the flipping of the coins, so today we determine which school debates which side.   In terms of research, we did not provide any information to the schools, so they had to do research on their own”.

oil pump 2Reporter:   “So, that means, other schools participating will have to be prepared with enough information to debate either for or against oil in Belize?”

Mrs. Julie Wade:  “Yes.   They did research in both affirmative and negative for this morning’s debate”.


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