Coast Guard rescues fishermen near Stake Bank

The Belize National Coast Guard has acquired a reputation for fast acting to save lives on the sea in marine incidents. On Sunday evening a rescue boat went out on a call south of the Stake Bank area to save a group of fishermen. Petty Officer Class 3 Edwards tells us what happened.


Petty Officer 3 Edwards – Belize Coast Guardvlcsnap-2015-04-15-11h58m00s179

We got a call for a search and rescue about  three o’clock this afternoon and we responded quickly to the south of Skate Bank to rescue some fisherman who were doing some recreational fishing. They had experienced engine problem, so they threw out their anchor and their anchor was not holding, so they were drifting south of Stake Bank. Our response time was about , I’d say 15 minutes. We quickly recovered them and we started towing them to this  location here, around the lower Bert area.”



” How fortunate are they  that you all were able to respond so quickly being the anchor being what it was and the sea conditions being what they are?”


 Petty Officer 3 Edwards

“The sea conditions being choppy, we were fortunate because they would have drifted farther out into the channel and more out to deeper waters. So we were very fortunate in finding them within ten minutes of our search time.”


The boats touched ashore in a shallow area after a rough go on heavy seas. Officer Edwards says there is a lesson in Sunday’s near-tragedy turned to narrow escape.


Petty Officer 3 Edwards

“Yea there is a lesson and it is good that these gentlemen had means of communication so that we can respond to them.  It’s a huge lesson because other fisherman should take it into consideration when you’re out there anything can happen.If your sailing, your sailing can break off. Even  the weather conditions, a lot of variables to deal with.”


In emergencies the Coast Guard can be contacted by Marine Radio Channel 16 or telephone number 225-2125.


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