COLA asks Marco Tulio Mendez to make public statement on allegations

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action also weighed in on the allegations and charges against the Orange Walk East Representative. Via a press release on Wednesday, COLA says it, “views with concern the news of the arrest and arraignment of the Honorable Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez,”

It says that, “Assault on a child is especially loathsome because of the child’s inability to understand what is happening to them, often from an adult or authority figure that they trust. Medical practitioners have an especially important role as the guardians of our country’s health and must be held to a greater standard.  In this light the allegations raised against Dr. Mendez are especially serious and damning and no amount of hiding away and calls for privacy is going to change that. As a representative of the people of Belize and particularly Orange Walk East, Dr. Mendez answers to his constituents even if he no longer wishes to serve them. COLA therefore calls on Dr. Mendez to make a public statement to the media on these allegations and begin the process of accountability and transparency so often advocated by his party, the People’s United Party”

The release ends by saying that The PUP must not be seen to be shielding Dr. Mendez or condoning his alleged actions if proven.

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