COLA comes out against downtown Belize City bus regulations





On Monday we spoke with president of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), Giovanni Brackett, whose organization over the weekend issued a condemnation of plans by the City Council to prevent buses from going down Albert Street.

Giovani Brackett – President COLA:

vlcsnap-2013-09-17-11h46m32s154The Council shouldn’t force people to walk all the way from Mike’s Club, which is the same zone where murders and crimes have occurred, to walk down Albert Street.  You can’t force a 13 years old going to wait out in that unsafe area, and open to all sorts of crime.  You shouldn’t be forcing the senior citizens to walk with their three/four bags of groceries, to walk from Albert Street all the way to Mike’s Club.  It’s a separate thing if you want to talk about regulations.  You can regulate traffic.  You can regulate the buses, and let them just stop to drop off and pick up people.

Mr Brackett speaks of possible solutions to the problem.

Giovani Brackett – President COLA:

The buses need a central place whereby they wait until they start to do their rounds.  You need that.  However, you cannot just use that as an excuse to ban buses from coming down Albert Street. It’s just simply unethical and it’s wrong to even suggest that people would just have to walk a little bit more, because you don’t know peoples’ health conditions.  You can’t just force people [when] you don’t know what’s their condition, and it’s not everyone can afford using a vehicle. It seems to me they’re talking about a master plan, but this master plan – we have to question which master are we serving?  Will we be a country like some of the Caribbean islands whereby on one side we have a five-star resort, and the other side is slums?  Then what you’re doing is a plan that would benefitting foreigners, but is excluding the people  that elected you.

COLA has delivered its official letter of protest to City Hall.

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