COLA coming out in defense of Steven Buckley

vlcsnap-2013-07-15-18h32m02s211Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (COLA) is coming out in defense of Steven Buckley, a father of four who was shot at by police officers three years ago. Buckley and two other men were leaving their construction site when police stopped them on Kraal Road. As the driver attempted to exit the vehicle at the police’s order, one of the officers opened fire with a 12-gauge pump action shotgun, shooting Buckley in the face. He survived, but is rendered effectively helpless. The shooter, Inspector Dennis Lopez, has since been charged with attempted murder. After the shooting, Buckley’s medical expenses soared; he owes the KHMH over six thousand dollars for his one month stint in the hospital. Due to his condition, he is unable to work and has been on the media asking the Department of Police to assist him with the bill. Today, COLA is reinforcing this plea. COLA says “Yesterday, he received final notice to pay the entire amount immediately. Obviously, he cannot pay. Should Mr. Buckley risk jail when he has done nothing wrong? This bill should be forgiven by the hospital, and COLA recommends immediate compensation for his injuries, loss of work, and a lifetime pension, which is necessary since his injuries were not caused by any personal criminal action but by the actions, however lawful, of the Police Department. Additionally, we ask the Department to provide housing for his family and pay school expenses for his children as part of this agreement. Let us put this matter to rest and give Mr. Buckley the justice he deserves as a Belizean.”

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