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The organization COLA also commented on a number of national issues during the course of their time on the street today. First are the Prime Minister’s statements concerning Jimmy Morales’ election as president of Guatemala and his stance on reclaiming Belize as Guatemalan territory. COLA president Geovannie Brackett commended the Prime Minister’s newly-found backbone but added that this kind of resolve should be present in future contact with the Guatemalans as much as it was not in the past.


Geovannie Brackett, President COLA: I have to agree with Mose this morning that I think that the prime minister is beginning to sense that this issue of Guatemala is actually one of the hot button issues that will and can decide the elections. I think the Prime Minister always knew this. I think that his foreign Minister has always lived in the clouds, and has imaginary imagination and thinking. Only the foreign vlcsnap-2015-11-03-11h48m15s23minister thinks that this Guatemala issue is not serious. It is only the foreign minister that doesn’t think that the people of Belize doesn’t care about the issue of the Sarstoon and our territorial integrity. I’m not surprised that the Prime Minister said certain strong statements because he is realizing just what we have realized many years ago, that this Guatemalan issue is a very serious issue and it cannot be taken lightly. I wish the Potus note would have been as strong as the last interview with the Prime Minister. I wish the proof in the letter that he is planning to write is going to be as strong  as when he spoke, and I wish that any communication within any government in Belize, and in Guatemala in the issue of advocating our cause on this unfounded claim is going to be strong and even stronger than that statement.

And in related news, COLA’s personal campaign against Pickstock representative Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington to keep him away from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, according to Brackett, who says they have been on the streets just like the politicians, to the point where some mistakenly believe he is a candidate.


Geovannie Brackett, President COLA: He calls us who oppose him a few uninformed people . I call him somebody who reads a lot but doesn’t understand anything.  He likes to brag about how much he reads, but let me tell him, in the streets you read nothing. And we will continue to work hard, and I will continue to do my best to advocate, whether facebook, social media, my private talk show. I will do my best to campaign against him and at the end of the day, the people will speak.

Reporter: What was the number of members of your campaign team and your expressing your beliefs. But tell us what the people of Pickstock are telling you.

Geovannie Brackett, President COLA: I had people who actually thought that I was running. Who sent message to tell Mr. Brackett we a vote fu ah.  That was the first thing. We had a team of about 11 who we split up between the South Side and the North Side part of the Pickstock Division, and I know that Mister Elrington says that where we held our public rally first is in Fort George, but the reason why we do it, I can tell you when Mr. Elrington started to campaign, it was through jungle he campaign. And many of his transfer voters are from Jungle, that is a fact. So he thinks I don’t know what he’s doing on the ground. But I want to tell certain politicians right, if you’re not scared of COLA, why are you giving away 200 for junior boys, and 500 for senior citizens? I’ll leave you at that.

However, as before, Brackett refused to make any endorsements due to COLA’s non-political status.

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