COLA condemns Foreign Minister acquiescing to separate referendum

Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has come under fire for advocating a cautious approach to resolving the unfounded claim on Belize by Guatemala. The Minister announced this week that he plans to travel to Guatemala City in a few weeks to sign an amendment to the compromis or Special Agreement to allow Guatemala to host a separate referendum on taking the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Netherlands. This announcement  has raised the hackles of a number of anti-ICJ activists, including Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA). Today COLA said it scowled on the Minister’s comments, including his assertion that quote  “It is not our obligation to go back to the public every time we are taking an action.” But COLA believes that both countries should hold their referenda together despite their dislike for the agreement, and it suggests that the Minister is “clearly psychologically affected, either by his ego or by some sort of academic leaning.” COLA argues that the Government, including Elrington, are compromised and “offend the Belizean populace” with “vile and obscene” statements. It says the Prime Minister should receive the most stringent condemnation for, quote, condoning this continued sanctioning of the destruction of Belizean democracy by not allowing us to participate effectively in the development of the ICJ conversation. We are adamant that any proposed changes should be brought to the Belizean public first and any philosophical premise that this is not necessary is tyrannical and dictatorial. The public should ALWAYS be informed every step of the way when it comes to the issue of our territorial integrity, and the Government should not exercise its whim to decide for us. It is not our territorial and maritime borders that are artificial; it is Sedi and his Government who are ARTIFICAL for not being consistent and honorable towards the Belizean people. COLA continues to reiterate our position by saying NO to the ICJ.” End quote.

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