COLA discusses air traffic controllers’ claims

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) issued a lengthy release over the weekend discussing information it received from sources within the Department of Civil Aviation concerning the the plight of the air traffic controllers working at the International Airport. The organization claims to have spoken directly to affected workers and shared some of their concerns. President Geovannie Brackett spoke to the issue of staff complement and the feeling that the lesser-trained workers are dragging down their superiors.


vlcsnap-2015-02-25-05h37m54s74Geovannie Brackett – President of COLA

“They told me that Miss Tracy from the BTB attended one of the meetings.  They have made several expressions to Mr Garbutt.  One of the things that frustrated them is that they have already expressed over and over [for] the past couple of years to various management  of their plight. 

What I found troublesome was that there is about six folks, they say, that are on their third probation period.  Now, if you hire me for three months and I’m on probation, and I fail the first probation, and you rehire me for the next three months, and another three months, and my incompetence affects the effectiveness of your role above me.  Because every time you have to leave the directing of the news now to come babysit me, at some point you get frustrated. 

If people in the private sector can be frustrated if things like that happen, how much more are these folks.”


Geovanni Brackett says that Saturday’s events are a warning that must be heeded, adding that the controllers have silent support from their peers at home and abroad.


Geovannie Brackett

“There are members of the international community who fully understand the situation here, and who are hoping that Belize takes this very seriously, and if we have millions upon millions, then let’s use it to the benefit  of the country, as in other departments.

We have started this in terms of giving support, working in cooperation with our union brothers above [in the] NTUCB, calling for them.  We’ll watch how this plays out.  This is a very fluid situation.  We can’t go on the record right now as far.  What we saw right over the weekend was drastic.  I think that we need a drastic response from the management.  Depending on that response, we’ll know where we go next from there.”

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