COLA plans to release documents showing ministerial interference in police matters

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) issued a press release on Wednesday  evening, claiming that it has come into possession of an extraordinary amount of files detailing critical issues affecting the morale, manpower, and operation of the Belize Police Department.

COLA states that it has come upon evidence to support a host of complaints by Police, including arbitrary transfers and interdictions, as well as general complaints such as poor living conditions, poor logistical support for key operations.

While the organization has not released any of the documents, it claims that “Most alarming to us at COLA is one document which fingers key Ministers of Government as masterminds of interference in and disruption of the careers of several police officers to preserve their own agendas.” 

COLA says that the documents in their possession shows political interference by key ministers in crimes such as human trafficking, and police being unable to execute their duties citing politics and possibly big money.

COLA  says it intends to release these documents to the public and address these issues at an upcoming  press conference.

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