COLA says Attorney General mocking justice system with empty words

vlcsnap-2014-06-20-06h34m19s216Turning to Attorney General Elrington who is quoted as calling COLA’s efforts to privately prosecute Elvin Penner a “waste of time”, a “charade” and a “delusion of the Belizean people,” COLA scolds him, saying that he seems to have forgotten that it was Prime Minister Dean Barrow who recommended the private prosecution against Penner as a means of obtaining justice. They add that the only charade is that they have not been given what they need to make a full effort at prosecuting Penner. COLA indicts the Government, of which Elrington is a part, for  “dithering and dallying on the opportunity to prosecute a brazen purveyor of the national sovereignty”, and says they will have wasted their time if the Government does not cooperate with them by reversing their policies.

COLA, after accusing Mr Elrington of “mocking the justice system with your empty words,” concludes with a bold challenge: “…do as we say, not as you want. Bring us the evidence and we will get you a conviction!”

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