COLA says Government should leave the referendum process

The organization Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) has added its voice in the ongoing debate about the viability of the October, 2013 referendum process following recent revelations about Guatemala’s inability to advance its referendum process in its country. In a press release issued on Wednesday, the organization questions whether Sunday’s meeting was the “emergency” its participants claimed it to be, and opines that Guatemala’s latest actions continue its “latent disrespect for Belize.” With the latest revelations in which Guatemala is contemplating either withdrawing from the process altogether or asking for its postponement, COLA advises that Belize should leave the process at which it has been “psychologically disadvantaged” from the beginning. It insists that our national sovereignty and respect is more important than bowing to Guatemala’s wishes, and hits out at Belize’s top diplomats for saying nothing while Guatemala and the OAS dictate the course of the process. A decision on Belize’s next strategy is due by next Tuesday after the Cabinet meets in Belmopan.

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