C.O.L.A. in a press release issued today says that they stand with the Kremandala organization against the ill-explained decision by government-owned Belize Telemedia Limited to withdraw advertising from the media group. It says “The statement issued earlier by B.T.L. is half-baked and makes no mention of whether its advertising budget is fairly distributed. Of special interest is how much Wave Radio and T.V. and the Guardian, all organs of the United Democratic Party, are collecting. Certainly we cannot expect the Belize Times or Vibes Radio or CTV in Orange Walk to be so supported.” Using harsh discriptive language COLA says ” We must condemn this type of action, and call on NGO’s, trade unions and other social partners and especially other media houses to do the same, lest this become the norm.” In the Release COLA reminded Belizeans of this Administration’s “organized a boycott” against Channel Five and PLUS TV. Saying Now it is Kremandala’s turn.

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