COLA suggests withdrawing from any activity involving Guatemala

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h54m15s75The pressure group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) today spoke out on two hot-button issues: the sudden amnesty on confiscated rosewood reported on this newscast earlier this week and Guatemala’s announced plans to print 4 million new passports with an offensive map on the front cover depicting Belize as part of Guatemala.  According to the organization, the sudden decision for rosewood amnesty at the Forestry Department compound is a “knife in the back” of conservation efforts and decries the Ministry’s “legitimizing” an illegal trade. However, the organization calls on the Government to take the money from sales of the illegal product and use it in a replanting program. On the Guatemala issue, the organization says that with this latest action by Guatemala shows that Guatemala has declared itself “an enemy of the Belizean state.” It calls for Belize to officially shun anyone, from official to commoner, who uses the proposed passport. In addition, COLA suggests withdrawing from any activity involving Guatemala including the upcoming OAS Congress it is hosting. Belize’s Government has not formally responded to the announcement on the new passports.

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