COLA/FIST Lead Protests

vlcsnap-2014-01-31-19h18m23s102Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) led a crowd of approximately 200 vocal protesters outside the Magistrate’s Court. After the sentencing hearing we spoke with three members of COLA and support organization Fighting In the Streets Together (FIST). First, here is COLA President Giovanni Brackett’s reaction to the verdict.

Giovanni BrackettMr. Giovanni Brackett- President of  COLA

Reporter: “What do you think of the verdict?”

Mr. Giovanni Brackett:  “This shows that once you have people power, we can achieve anything.  We are pleased to see what happens so far, and we are going to continue to support Mr. Peck and his family, and with the new group FIST and COLA today, we brought our supporters”.

FIST leader Mr. Russell Roberts told us what he thinks of the provision used to free Peck while Mr. Delroy Herrera, shared with us, the groups way forward.

vlcsnap-2014-01-31-20h45m10s214Mr. Delroy Herrera:  “With this case, the precedent has been set for others that are still grounded by this law, can be revoked as well.

Supporter:  FIST and COLA, we are the people who are affected like Mr. Peck gone on victory standing with solidarity of us.  We will take it to the National Assembly to revise or to revamp because this precedent has been set and this is showing you that there is a loophole in every single law that is passed in the House of Representatives.  So we are going to push to reform the Firearms Act for compensation for people who has suffered collateral damage under this Act.  Justice is what they need”.


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