Coming Saturday Concert to Medically Aid Bro. Fem Cruz

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-19h07m34s61Bro. Ofemio Cruz, better known as Bradda Fem, has been a staple in Belizean homes across the country as a host on Rise and Shine Morning television show on Plus TV and a reporter for Love FM.

In the Belmopan area, Brother Fem, who is also a musician, is well known for his willingness to assist with wakes and other community events where he shows up with his guitar to minister to those in attendance.

He has been noticeably missing from television and radio recently and that is because he has fallen ill.

Plans are on the way for a benefit concert to assist Bradda Fem with his medical expenses, but before we tell you more about that concert, we hear from Bradda Fem about his ailment.

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-18h55m36s140Bro. Ofemio Cruz- Christian Artist and Talk Show Co-host

“I went to the hospital where I was suffering from two stone that lodged in my tube that causes my urine not to be circulating well, and almost causes my kidney to cease.  They do a thing which they call ciscostopy. I was also suffering something like I cannot breathe and I talk to the doctor which they told me that they need to do another test on me where they did an endoscopy where I was put an camera inside me and I was told that how I have an infected stomach.  From then, it was a challenge for me.  Now, I am going back to see the specialist, either the 3rd or the 4th of March and just about a couple ago, I ran out of medication and I was peeing blood again, and I wash in tears again because it is a challenge for me having two ways of trying to destroy my body, (the devil, he is defeated, but I quite see definite improvement in my stomach and also God is healing my body”.

A benefit concert is being planned for this coming Saturday at the UB Gymnasium. Organizers say that Brother Fem has been a humble example for the Community and they are calling on that community to come out to the concert to assist in fund raising for Fem’s medical expenses including medication and another  trip to a specialist. Bro. Timothy Vanegas, better known as “Tamo”, is one of the event coordinators.

vlcsnap-2014-02-26-19h16m39s135Bro. Timothy “Tamo” Vanegas- Artist and Concert Coordinator

“The purpose of this concert is to raise some money to assist Fem in his medical; expense.  He has a lot of expense (for some couple of months he has been down without working) So, we decided as an inspirational to us to younger youths, we want to show him our appreciation what he has contributed to us by being a great influence and I believe that not only to us, but to the nation.  We want to raise at least over $1,500.  We are expecting people to have a wonderful time by showing Fem how much we appreciate him”.

The concert starts at 7 pm, this Saturday March 1st. Tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for kids. If anyone would like to make a personal contribution, you can reach Brother Fem at 607-7652

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